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He rarely allows me to photograph him. At least with any attentiveness on his part. I respect his boundaries. But lately, they are expanding. He is growing. Changing. Letting me in more. Softening. I could get lost in his gaze. It is rare for him to be still. To simply be.

  • Courtenay - Growing so fast. Where do the years go?ReplyCancel

  • Aseel - Gorgeous! Love the curls.ReplyCancel

  • andrea - he is one of the most beautiful boys i’ve ever seen steph. and you’re an amazing momma.ReplyCancel

  • Diane - Finn you are such a Geourgious little boy. With those beautiful blue eyes and that curly hair that a lot of people would just love to have. You are such a special little guy. Love You GrammieReplyCancel

Jett. Our little Jett Bug.You are EIGHT months old and on the go. We moved to Florida one year ago this month. There have been so many changes in the past year, but nothing has changed more than you. You are adored, cuddled, wrestled, chased, tickled, tugged at, pet and kissed every day. And you handle this with drool and a smile each and every time. Happiest baby ever, I am SO grateful God gave us you.

  • Diane - He is growing to fast little Jett Bug. You are such a happy baby. And are such a joy with such a happy smile all the time. Love You ,Love you, Love youReplyCancel

  • Karen Linnell - Could your children be more adorable! He reminds me of your oldest in this picture!ReplyCancel

This month has been:
not so fun
and everything in between.

Welcome to the latest installment of My Kids Were Here. A collaborative project that documents the traces our children leave in our personal spaces and in our hearts. See the entire collective on the group blog here.

[In A Hurry To Get Outta Here I and II]

[Still Life]

[I Didn’t Think It Would Make Mud]

[Yesterday’s Cupcakes]

[Morning Essentials]

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  • Ginger Unzueta - oh,how fun your life looks..filled with lots of laughter, busy times, and I am sure lots of love. big families are such a blessing. love that coffee in the sink shot…and the morning essentials..goodness, i love them all!!ReplyCancel

  • summer - That mud in the sink must have been fun to clean up…love these a lot. I can so relate to the messes left behind “in a hurry to get outta here”…story of my life. Most days it just looks like a bomb went off…ReplyCancel

  • Linsey Wilt - So thankful for this project because not only are we collecting memories but going through everyones posts makes me feel so much better about my chaos. Yes, in a hurry out the door is our everyday routine. I make a wish that when we come home everything will magically be cleaned up, never works, hehe! These are so great, love the bathroom counter scene, gotta keep your gun close at all times!ReplyCancel

  • Aimeelynn - Love love these! Especially th e morning essentials:)ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie - thank you Aimeelynn!!! That is my fave too. Laughter is the best medicine you know.ReplyCancel

Starting to browse through my archives. Time to print more of my images and organize them into books. There are so many. They remind me that time is fleeting. To enjoy each day. To find the beauty in it. Not to blink. For the days give way to memories and photographs. And the boy that once was, is no more.

Summer 2009. Liam, age 3.