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As winter fades into spring, I am eager for renewal–in my heart, in our day-to-day. Reflecting often on my role as a mother, on my children growing. And coming back to photography in a way that is authentic and meaningful.

I am staring at these growing boys from the outside looking in. They are becoming less of me and more independent moment by moment, day by day. Watching through the glass, I know it is just the beginning of this journey. Of feeling separate. Other. Yet connected in an inexplicable way. In our reflections, we merge together. Still one.

Wishing you sunny skies this Saturday friends.

Portraits of a mother and her sons:

lifeography | trinity lifestyle photographer
lifeography | trinity photography

  • Ginger Unzueta - really love this Stephanie, love seeing more of your work again. these words really speak to my heart as I watch my own children growing day by day as well.ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie - Thank You Ginger. Amazing how we long for them to be independent on tired hard days — and then the reality hits. That once they walk alone, we will rarely carry them in our arms.ReplyCancel

  • Sara Beth - This hits home today–as I watch my 10 year old boy grow into his own self, yet he will always be my first baby.ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie - SaraBeth – I remember when he was just a toddler. The time really is so fleeting – but you do such a wonderful job of living life with them – truly walking beside and with your kids. They have such magical childhoods because of your sweet family.ReplyCancel

  • Alinta - This is brilliant Stephanie. Very soul touching. I have boys similar ages to yours, then a girl Scouts age and I feel the same… I am hanging onto every cuddle, every I love you, every your beautiful Mum, every please help me as I know they are few and far between over the next stage.ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie - Thank you so much Anita — it is really bittersweet isn’t it? Love that our babies are the same ages — such a tiring, wonderful, chaotic, beautiful time of life, right?ReplyCancel

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