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On Momotany.

Some days like today, my husband comes home just in time to kiss me goodnight. After the kids have long been sleeping. After laundry is piled (unending). Dinner is finished. Dishwasher is humming. My body is tired and thoughts are hazy. It has been a day of get up and do. And do it over again and again. This and that. Chasing after them. Beckoning them. Quieting them. Reading to them. Comforting. Guiding. Requesting. Asking. And asking. And asking again, of course. A day of so much in for what can seem so little out.

And tonight before bed I stumbled upon this article a dear friend shared from Momastary. And the quote. It speaks to me:

“Today you did the holy work of raising human beings. With each word spoken or unspoken, with each offering of forgiveness, you show your children what it means to be brave and kind. The mundane becomes holy, the ordinary extraordinary”

The days are monotonous (or momotonous) sometimes. With four children under seven and homeschooling, the days can blur together. So can the hours. But it is nice to be reminded of our lofty goal. Of God’s hand in the ordinary. Have a read for yourself.

And tonight I will sleep. Welcoming rest. And I will arise grateful. For a new day. A fresh start. A renewed sense of purpose. For His grace which carries me.

A bright spot: we closed the day with pool baths. A mark that summer is most certainly upon us. Documented with my iphone:

  • Rosie - You are a wonderful mom Stephanie! Love that quote, such a good reminder. I felt so overwhelmed when I went to bed last night… felt like my day had been a blur. xoxo RosieReplyCancel

  • Ginger Unzueta - Stephanie, I love that I found these words today. I love this post and the little reminder which is really big about our role as mamas. I have been doing a Pricilla Shirer study the past month..I spoke a little about it today on my blog in the kids were here post…but it reminded me of this. We have such important roles, we never should lose sight of what we have been purposed for!! xoReplyCancel

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