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Letters to Our Daughters: Month 12

Children's Photography

Scout – Age 2.5

Scout, my spitfire, the girlfriend, sister, my girl. My crazy, into-everything, precocious, wonderful girl.

These months have been topsy-turvy and tumultuous. The days are short, I know. But the hours are long lately. So long sometimes, for your mama. One day you too will know this feeling. This feeling of the world moving forward and you moving backward. Of the flow of life rushing past and you simply trying to stay afloat. And sometimes you will feel like you are failing.

I’m sure there are wise words a less frazzled mother would impart.

But all I can say to you now is, “I know. I know” and “Just hold on, my love. I don’t know if it will get easier.”

“Pray.” Yes, that too. Always. And often.

And, “Because I have been here, you are not alone. I will be there for you. You won’t need to ask me for help my darling, because I *know* what these days are like. And I know you need to just get out and breathe the sweet air of solitude.”

I hope I will buy you groceries and bring you meals. And care for your sweet babies like they are my own. And be a shoulder for you and an ear.

This path is beautiful my love. So heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I would never choose another.

But it can be rocky. And difficult to travel. And your feet may tire.

But He will give you rest. And so will I.



Letters to Our Daughters is a collaborative project of a beautiful group of mothers and photographers. Visit the lovely and talented Sara Tegman to continue in our circle.

  • Ginger Unzueta - I love this so much Stephanie. I love that you think ahead to when she is a mama. I often do too. This reminds me so much of my own mother n law. She had four boys and her joy in life is to help all of our families. She always encourages me to get out and have some “me time” cook for us, to do our laundry, to just let me and my husband be “us”…its such a gift and it sounds like you will be this gift to your own children. It is a blessing like no other. I know what you mean….how rapid our days go..but some of the hours seem long…some days seem so full, yet we don’t want to take a second of them for granted. You are a beautiful mama I can tell. God will continue to strengthen you and give you always what you need ♥ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty - This is a letter she’s going to look on and know there’s something so strong about her Mama – she’ll look back on these times and know you were always there, and always will beReplyCancel

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