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Letters to Our Daughters: Month Three

(Photo from our Instagram stream)

“I fell for her in summer, my lovely summer girl,
From summer she is made, my lovely summer girl,
I’d love to spend a winter with my lovely summer girl,
But I’m never warm enough for my lovely summer girl,
It’s summer when she smiles, I’m laughing like a child,
It’s the summer of our lives; we’ll contain it for a while
She holds the heat, the breeze of summer in the circle of her hand
I’d be happy with this summer if it’s all we ever had.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

Your first real summer is here my sweet. One of many in your beautiful life. It is a Florida summer — the kind I grew up with. The ones that memories are made of–and ingrained so deeply they feel real and like yesterday. The best kind. The only kind I knew as a child.

It is a summer of heat and rain and swimming pools and sunshine. Water and ice. Sunsets and sand. Beaches and rivers and tubes. Of late nights and fireworks. Parades and popsicles. Popcorn and movies on the lawn. Of up past your bedtime and late to rise (hopefully, for this mama). Of grandparents and cousins and friends and family. Of pigtails and ponytails and sundresses. Parties and giggles and running until you fall down. Of buttery corn on the grill and homemade ice cream that drips down your chin. Of splashing half-naked in sprinklers and laughing so hard your stomach feels like it might explode.

All of this awaits you my little girl. And, I watch and remember and savor the days past. You are giving those precious times to me again. My fondest memories floating and swirling to the surface–gifts I am so grateful for. You will not understand until you too are a mama. Until you are far from your childhood and cannot go back again.

Welcome, welcome my love to the magic of summertime.

Letters to our Daughters is a collaborative effort from a group of inspiring women and writers. Visit the lovely Amy Lucy Lockheart | Minneapolis Family Photographer to continue through the circle.

  • julia - Stephanie. I can smell the Coppertone on my skin, and feel the exquisite sleepiness that a day full of playing in the sun produces. What an absolutely perfect description of summer, and what a beautiful letter to your daughter.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah C - I love that you used an instagram photo too!! I was so apprehensive about not having all these amazingly perfect images to share this month but I found that the images I had with the most character, the true essence of my own child were the day to day imperfect snaps! LOVE this letter. I agree with Julia it feels like summer and she is going to look back and have this to reminisce on with her own collective memories of her childhood summers and it will be that much more special. Amazing as always Stephanie!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - I love all these hopes for the summer – they’re what perfect memories are made of – your own perfect memories and the future ones for Scout too – have the most wonderful summer and collect and treasure the memories from itReplyCancel

  • Rashmi - So precious that you get to relive your childhood through your children. They are so lucky to get to experience the things you grew up with. I do wish my children could experience my childhood memories in India sometimes.. it makes me sad that they will never know. Have a lovely summer my friend. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Jody - This post has me so excited for summer. You are such a gifted writer and that photo is so simple and so perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - Ah, the magic of summertime. What a wonderful and special time for your whole family. Thank you for sharing a bit of you and your beautiful girl with us. xoxoReplyCancel

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