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For The Love | With JinkyArt

Do you remember the first time you photographed your baby with a *real* camera? Fumbling with the dials. Trying to meter correctly. Composing the shot. Focusing. They were cooing. Or laughing. Whatever it was, it was beautiful. You remember now, right? And the moment you saw the image. You know the one. THAT one. The one that made you gasp a bit. A photograph that spoke volumes. Not just about your little one — but about you. It was lovely. It was art. Yes, you could DO this. And you did. All for the love of it. Was it yesterday? Or five years ago?

Whether you’re a professional who has lost sight of the reason you began, or an aspiring photographer wondering just where to start, I can’t recommend For The Love highly enough. It’s where our roots are, after all. This amazing eBook by the renowned Barb Uil of JinkyArt takes you back to the beginning and propels you forward. It’s a breath of fresh air. It will stir your memory. But mostly, it will inspire. Other contributors include the lovely and talented photographers Kristen Cook and Stephanie Piscitelli. And artists Nisa Fiin and Corinne Delis.

Can I tell you how flattered and grateful I was when Barb contacted me and asked if I would contribute? My reply was yes – a resounding yes. My segment highlights a “day in the life” of my family and how I photograph their ordinary moments from both creative and technical perspectives.

Documenting our own lives is important. Creating our family archives is where it begins; and it is one of the most precious gifts our talent enables us to pass to our children. Why do I what I do? Why do you? For the love of it. It is as simple as that.

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  • jessica palatt - many congrats to you as well as many thanks for sharing your beautiful life. This really reminds me to just snap their quiet as well as loud moments before they fade onto something else. I can’t wait to read the book.

    – jessicaReplyCancel

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