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“Are we your real children? they said & I said we had our pick of all the children in the world & we took a few home to try out & though we tried to return them later, it was more trouble than it was worth, so we kept them & loved them & taught them all the stuff they’d need to know when it came time for them to choose, so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes we did & later I heard one of them say they didn’t know about being a parent if it was as risky as all that.” – Calculated Risk by Story People

Lindsay + Eric have been our friends for years. By years, I mean pre-kids — from the days we used to gather as a group of 20-something newlyweds for Monday night dinners. Since then we moved away from Virginia and returned, but little by little our families grew until we couldn’t all fit into one house for an evening meal anymore. And you know, all of those kids need to get to bed and we parents need some sleep anyhow. Back then they were bubbly and full of life.

Today, they are exactly the same – but with the addition of two amazing little girls. When they commissioned me for family photos, I was honored. The pressure was on–two and five can be difficult ages to photograph. And of all of my supporters, Lindsay is one of the best. She loves photography and appreciates its intricacies. Good photographs means something to her and I wanted to present her family with the kinds of images she would treasure.

On the day of the session, the girls were magnificent — and their family’s adoration for each other was evident. One of my favorite images is of Eric and Lindsay alone. After all of this time their relationship is even stronger — as proud parents who roll with the punches while guiding their girls’ tender steps. I am so grateful to count you as dear friends Johnson family. You are beautiful and I hope these images tell your story.

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