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NBC Shares The Love

My maternity leave has been a season of introspection for me, as well as times of renewal punctuated by excitement. The past few months have been glorious with the birth of my daughter, Scout, followed by the return of my husband and culminating in our family finding its new rhythm.

Along the way we’ve been blessed with a handful of random and extraordinary media opportunities. The first debuted this evening with NBC. A producer found my Letter to My Unborn Baby on The Creative Mama and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for a segment on the art of the handwritten letter. So, I submitted the materials along with my maternity and homecoming images captured by my dear friend Deb Schwedhelm. Here is the resulting segment:

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Find the producer’s article and more stories here.

I’m working on an article that coincides with the topic of love letters tomorrow on The Creative Mama, so be sure to check it out. Here’s wishing you the happiest of Valentines Days along with encouragement to write a letter to someone you love.

Meanwhile, here is a copy of the original letter. I can’t wait to give it to my baby girl someday:

Grateful to Deb Schwedhelm for my maternity photos.

Sweet baby-to-be: In five weeks (or seven if you take after your brothers) you will arrive in this world. You are special. I know this now, and I have not even met you yet. You are our third child, but are already first in many ways.

You are our first “surprise.” I never thought my insatiable curiosity could withstand nine months of suspense, but I am enjoying this much more than I could have imagined. My mind wanders often, daydreaming of whether you will be my third son or first daughter. I am so eager for the moment of your birth, when you emerge from the warm tub of waters and answer the most pressing question I have known.

You will be the first to make your entrance in the comfort of our home and into my arms, minus a required time line or drive to a birth center. You will be surrounded by a relaxed mama and other gracious women — gentle midwives, loving doulas and perhaps your brothers (if they don’t drive your mama crazy–that negates the relaxed part). There is something primal and powerful and nostalgic about this. It is a rare experience in our modern society.

You will be our first baby to arrive while your daddy is away. This breaks all of our hearts, but I think his most of all. Sweet child, he will hold you for the first time when you are at least two months old, when some of the newness of you has faded and you are more of a baby. You will meet in a hangar bay surrounded by hues of reds, whites and blues. He will smell like oil and airplanes. His flight suit will wrap around your tiny body and he will hold you close. We will all cry–maybe you too? (At this stranger you do not yet know, but will love with all of your heart soon.) I look forward to this day and dream of this moment almost as much as your birth.

He departed when you were just beginning to blossom in my belly and carrying you as a “single mama” while taking care of your two young siblings has challenged and refined me in ways I never anticipated. You have made me more grateful for our strong family and more compassionate for women who must raise children on their own (with no daddy in sight)–and even to my own mother, who was a single parent for most of my life.

You may be the first to be the last…of sorts. We don’t think you are the last of our children, but it is quite possible that you may be the last baby I carry in my womb. This fills me with excitement and wistfulness all at once. You are the essence of bittersweet. I treasure the feeling of your movements and the blessing it is to grow a tiny life inside of me. When I am exhausted or achy, I work harder at being thankful for the many reasons why I feel this way. I want to experience you fully, both the pleasures and pains. I yearn to remember these complex emotions and fleeting sensations with gratitude.

Little one, you don’t have a proper name yet, but I love you with all of my being. You are a blessing from God, even in your difficult timing. You have an eager family waiting for you…and you will be treasured and celebrated and admired. For all of these things my sweet, you are not the first, but the next–the next chapter of our humble family story as it unfolds. I would like to ask you to hurry–I am tired, and wobbly, and ready to meet you soon. Instead, I will wait patiently for you, enjoying you on the inside. Come as you are, my dearest son or daughter. And come when you are ready.

With every ounce of my heart,

  • Hannah - This is the second time I’ve gotten choked up reading this letter (the first time being when I read it on TCM). So beautiful.
    I completely agree about the cathartic nature of writing by hand. I’m looking forward to your article tomorrow 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hope - As I am expecting my second child, I can’t believe how you were able to put all my thoughts into words. What a beautiful letter to your little girl.

    Congratulations and what a special gift that you have chosen to share with all of us strangers!ReplyCancel

  • raye law - Scout, you have such a creative, unique, talented, sweet, and loving mama. I adore you and your brothers and so proud of her!!!

  • Annie - Hi stephanie, congrats on your new baby girl. I love her name. How are you all doing? This is Annie, laurie’s friend out in San Diego, I check your site every once in awhile & today was such a wonderful update on your family first of all & your exciting news in the news. You are so talented with words & photography. I always enjoy browsing your creations. Good job! Hope to see you again someday.ReplyCancel

  • elizabeth pellette - wonderful .. I saw the link on Deb’s page your segment was awesome.. I love handwritten letters and journals.. nothing like em.. pen to paper.. I miss writing real letters.. sigh..ReplyCancel

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