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As the summer winds down, we’ve returned from a series of travels visiting friends and family in Tennessee, Florida and most recently, Maryland–just in time for the hurricane that wasn’t (thank goodness). I’m officially on maternity leave and we’re gearing up for fall, the start of pre-kindergarten, and the arrival of the baby-to-be in 4-6 weeks! While away, I contributed two articles to The Creative Mama. The most recent was a “Letter to My Unborn Baby” – take a peek if you’re curious about the bun’s development and what we’re looking forward to.

Today, Liam met his new teacher at his preschool, shopped for school supplies, decided red Converse All-Stars were his footwear of choice and got a mini-makeover at Wink Salon (love this place!). I took some photos to send to his daddy and decided I’d share here too.

Before (the scruffy Lump was a hot mess!):

After (a bit more dapper and grown-up):

And of course the Muffin + his ‘fro. He’s next on the list for a trim.

  • Fiona Colvin - Completely gorgeous! They’re so beautiful, imagine how a girl baby would look 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Trish - He’s a babe. Straight up.ReplyCancel

  • crystalyn - both beautiful children! great haircut!! i’m always struggling with getting a good one for the boys. your two couldn’t be more adorable. xo.ReplyCancel

  • stacey woods - oh for goodness’ sakes. adorable!! love liam’s new cut, and wow he does look all grown up all of a sudden. finn just cracks me up with his sweet smile, wild curls and those silly bandz. 😉ReplyCancel

  • stephanie - OMG, I LOOOOOVE his new haircut. How adorable. And I love it’s versatility. Beautiful kiddos and oh those curls!!ReplyCancel

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