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Friday Favorites

I am always discovering the coolest art pieces, recipes, tips + goodies (many not photography related). Thought I would make a weekly share of some of them.

What’s on the list this week?

Shaun King

Shaun King: Doing amazing things in Haiti through a network of friends + twitter. Lots of opportunities to step up and serve.

Yellow Bird Project

The Yellow Bird Project: Cute tees for charity -- picking mine out now.

Google Cal Tips

Google Calendar Tips: Shortcuts and functionality you never knew existed. My favorite calendar just got handier.

Valentine Hand Stamps

Valentine Heart Hand Stamps: A cute heart-day project for the wee ones. Simple and not too much fuss.

Simple Living for Kids

Nine Ways to Teach Your Kids to Live Simply: Great ideas and reminders. I bookmarked this one.

David Wenzel

Jump David Jump: Writer David Wenzel (husband of photographer Amy Wenzel) chronicles his journey of faith. You need to take a few moments to view his story.

Artisan Bread in Five

Artisan Bread in Five: I'm starting this today and can't wait to see the results. Oooey, gooey crusty baked goodness, here I come.

Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots: Oh how I covet you. Why, oh why are you sold out all over the U.S. until April? I could have used you in that anomaly of a snowstorm last week.

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