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meet the rollins | the give ten project

“What goes around, comes around” sometimes seems like a fitting mantra for a boomerang family like mine–only we are what’s coming and going. We leave. We come back…and how grateful we are for that. When my husband Mike and I married we lived in Virginia Beach for three years. We were blessed to find Crosscurrent church when it was a fledgling church plant still meeting in the pastor’s living room. Connecting with this tiny group of people changed our lives in unimaginable ways. The church grew exponentially and Mike and Dalynn Rollins started attending just before we moved to San Diego. I didn’t get to know them very well, but I was in awe of her amazing baby belly — and how she glowed like no mama-to-be I had ever seen. One of my fondest memories of her is when I returned for a baby shower for my own son due later that year, Dalynn, (forever smiling, always uplifting) was there and was so thoughtful, she even brought a gift.

Our church friends had become family — and we kept in close touch over the next four years as we moved from place to place. We celebrated birthdays, births and marriages from afar, and occasionally during quick return trips for. I remember holding Liam a little closer the day I learned that Dalynn’s baby Cole was diagnosed with leukemia (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Our boys were nearly the same age, and their lives had just changed forever. Cole had just turned two when he was diagnosed in 2007.

I’ve prayed for their family from afar over the last two years and kept up with their blog. Their amazing journey has been a living testimony of faith, perseverance and God’s grace. I am humbled simply by knowing them.

When we finally returned to the beach, I knew that I wanted to serve this family in some way…and beautiful Ava’s three-month portraits were the first opportunity. I’m not usually a fan of three-month sessions. Babies at this age are difficult to photograph. Typically, their expressions and movements are awkward. They can’t quite sit up and need help. But Ava has made me reconsider this age group altogether! If every one of my three month sessions looked like hers, I would shoot them round the clock. It helps that she has such a radiant mama who was an eager participant.You’ll see that Cole and his little brother Logan made some cameos too. The chaos as our kiddos played in the playroom while we worked on capturing Miss Ava was nothing short of hilarious.

Thank you Mike and Dalynn for allowing me to photograph your precious girl. I can’t wait to get my camera on your handsome young men next 🙂

Ava was all smiles (and a tad mini-me in the first one)

WEBrollins08-1.jpg by you.

Dalynn still has her mama glow.

1WEBrollins28.jpg by you.
1WEBrollins27.jpg by you.

The happiest girl i know!

1WEBrollins03.jpg by you.

Her baby blues are amazing.

1WEBrollins36.jpg by you.

wide-eyed, beautiful girl.

1rollins48.jpg by you.

She tuckered out for us. How can you resist those lashes?

WEBrollins30-1.jpg by you.

Cole was monkeying around during the shoot.

1WEBrollins17.jpg by you.

But then, things got a  little more serious.

1WEBrollins40.jpg by you.

Logan made an appearance too. Cookie crumbs and all.

1WEBrollins43.jpg by you.

Picture 12.png by you.

The Rollins’ series is part of lifeography’s “Give Ten Project” – the blog is just launching and more is coming soon.

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