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happy father’s day (va family portraits)

I’ll bet you do something important, he said
& I said the most important thing was watching while he slept
& he said he’d do the same for me someday
& we shook hands & decided it was a fair trade.”
–“fair trade” by the storypeople

father son portrait

i took this photo of my husband and sons just a few weeks ago during our trip to europe. i dragged them into a field in the middle of the day because the location was simply magnificent…and it was my only chance to take a few shots before we headed to the airport.

i’m so glad they humored me. and i’m so blessed to have these men (the little ones and especially the big one) in my life. my husband is a remarkable father. he loves bigger, smiles wider and laughs more often than anyone i’ve met. not only that, he is a natural companion, an ideal father and the consummate partner (in life + love). anyone who knows him loves him–truly and authentically. my boys are blessed beyond measure, and one day, i know they’ll realize that too.

they’ll realize there are many great daddies in the world. but *their* daddy is simply the one-of-a-kind, couldn’t-possibly-get-any-better-than-this daddy. and my prayer that they will strive to be just like him. to emulate his heart, his character and his life.

thank you m. for being the love of my life…and exceeding every single expectation i could possibly hope for in a father.

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